An excessive working capital need ?

Your agenda :

  • Your stocks of WIP or of PDR seem too large to you, and yet your service rate is unsatisfactory
  • You would like to operate on a “market pull” basis to optimise your Working Capital Need, but the lack of reliability of your bottleneck equipment forces you to follow the “market push” procedure and results in excessive WIP The increase of your accounts receivable overloads your accounting teams when it comes to collection activities
  • You have reduced predictability concerning your activity
  • You are lengthening your payment times and endangering your suppliers
  • The balance between long-term financing and current assets worries you

Our response elements :

  • Certain lean methods and tools make it possible to quickly reduce your WIP (in less than two months) and to lighten your Working Capital Need
  • There are numerous contributors to the PtoP process (purchasing, procurement, maintenance, production…), and their actions have to be coordinated.coordonnées
  • Lease-back actions, reverse factoring or the installation of consignment stocks make it possible to reduce your Working Capital Need and to increase your cash flow
  • The rebalancing of the current assets must be carried out in a way consistent with the capital expenditure strategy

A profitability and growth vector for industry