Capex (capital expenditure) not optimised ?


Your agenda : :

  • Your CAPEX projects are not distributed in the best possible way
  • Your decision-making process and the associated milestones are cumbersome, restrictive and vague, in particular for operating staff
  • The general feeling is that the party obtaining its CAPEX is often the one that has the most influence, or that speaks the most loudly
  • Operations find it difficult to decode the language of finance and vice versa
  • The promised ROI (Return On Investment) or TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is never respected, and mistrust has replaced trust
  • The ramp-up of the new equipment always takes longer and is more laborious than anticipated in the project
  • The maintenance costs for the first ten years of operation have not remained linear, as anticipated by the initial project

Our response elements :

  • Our team advises and accompanies the general, industrial and financial managements of groups in France and internationally in optimisation of CAPEX projects, from design to confirmation of the ROI
  • The balance between the power of financers and the power of operating staff often requires work. Hegemony of one of the two parties systematically causes losses of performance, both financial and operating .
  • It is vital to involve all key players in the thinking, but also in action (Corporate, Finance, Operations, Purchasing, Engineering) under penalty of unbalancing the model and failing to reach the target performance levels
  • It is necessary to have a formalised process that is understandable to everybody as well as appropriate IT tools, but it is also indispensable to review the posture of top management and the roles and responsibilities of the key players

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