Critical equipment reliability declining ?

Your agenda : 

  • You no longer manage to guarantee your service rate because of technical problems in connection with critical equipment
  • Production and maintenance blame each other when it comes to equipment reliability. The paretos (Pareto principle) causes of breakdowns are not shared, and each person works on different bases
  • Even if there is an equipment nomenclature, you know that it is not up to date and you have no visibility with respect to the bottleneck and its constraints
  • The prevention plan has not been reviewed for more than 24 months, and you have doubts about the performance of the activities carried out by the maintenance teams
  • The maintenance subcontractors control a critical part of your tool, a fact that makes you dependent on their performance
  • Depending on the line, the team in charge and the time of the week, the equipment performance is highly varied , without any rational explanation a priori

Our response elements :

  • Our team advises and accompanies the general, industrial and financial managements of groups in France and internationally in optimisation of the reliability of critical equipment
  • To develop or renew lasting reliability, it is vital, as of the beginning of the program, to involve all key players: production and maintenance, purchasing, controlling, human resources and engineering
  • Reliability is based mainly on structured and shared methods, on a mature and strong maintenance-production tandem, and sharing of common objectives ..modèle
  • The balance between operating and capital expenditure is a key link making for reliability, but it is also directly connected with the flexibility of operations
  • A good outsourcing strategy makes it possible to upgrade the reliability of equipment and to make sure of continued control of the process. To that end, one must begin by defining what is core business and what is not
  • The objectives of the group or of the subsidiary must be clearly defined and above all must be cascaded up to the initial management levels with due observance of each participant’s habits, while making sure of accompanying them by formal and regular communication. Visual management is of vital importance to understanding and sharing objectives.

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