Steel industry



Sector news

  • The reduction of economic cycles demands much greater agility from organisations to guarantee survival
  • The emerging countries absorb a larger part of world demand, forcing the sector players to modify their industrial strategy and the associated master plans
  • The successive mergers during the last decade have redefined the players’ mapping
  • The constant reduction of sale prices is leading the players involved to optimise added costs and their CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) so as to protect operating profitability
  • Ever more significant environmental stakes for an industry considered a polluter, particularly in CO2 terms

The perimeter of our work programs

  • I.A.C intervenes in connection with major iron and steel industry players worldwide.
  • We are able to map out, during a flash analysis (one week), the operating performance of a facility or of a group, and to identify the main focuses required for progress.
  • Our work includes ore extraction quarries, coke works, blast furnaces, steelworks, rolling mills, strip mills and finishing lines
  • The main interfaces of the operations are systematically scanned so as to check on the value added contributed and the performance of the support activity (purchasing, methods, human resources, controlling, central maintenance…).

A profitability and growth vector for industry