Sector news :

A sector undergoing far-reaching changes with development of renewable energies and of fossil resources for which some
...operating technologies have  not yet been optimised (particularly shale gas)

Major challenges when it comes to optimisation of dismantling programs both onshore and offshore – numerous
...platforms will be approaching the end of their lives in the coming decade

An image vis-a-vis the general public that is a complex thing to manage, but is of crucial importance for survival of the
...sector, particularly the place of theenvironment in the societal structure of the developed countries



The perimeter of our work :

I.A.C intervenes on behalf of the major players in the oil and gas sector in several countries, onshore and offshore
Our knowledge of the oil and gas sector guarantees immediate and concrete effectiveness
Our offering in connection with management of industrial assets covers the phases from equipment design to its dismantling, and makes a systemic
...understanding of the key challenges possible, of vital importance when it comes to optimising the TCO