photo energies

Sector news

  • A sector marked by thorough-going change with the development of renewable energies and of fossil resources for which some of the operating technologies have not yet been optimised
  • Major challenges in connection with optimisation of dismantling, both in the nuclear sector and in hydraulics or thermal developments.
  • An image vis-a-vis the general public that is complex to manage, but is crucial to sector survival
  • A succession of vertical or horizontal integration programs making the emergence possible of some new players with innovative strategies

The perimeter of our work

  • I.A.C intervenes among major players in the energy sector, in several countries
  • Our knowledge of the renewable energy sectors (hydraulic, wind power…), nuclear and thermal plants guarantees that you will enjoy immediate and operational value added.
  • Our offering in connection with management of industrial assets covers the phases from equipment design to its dismantling, and makes systematic understanding of the key challenges possible, something of basic importance when it comes to optimising the TCO

A profitability and growth vector for industry