Asset management

Asset management is a steering mode and development of industrial competitiveness aiming at optimizing coherence between life cycle duration of the asset and it’s Total Cost of Ownership from it’s conception until it’s dismantling. With the new ISO 55000 norm, numerous industrial groups highly capitalistic have decided to homogenize their practices building up an asset management system which takes into account all asset dimensions as much as involving all key stakeholder.

Asset management reconcile 3 approaches : economical, organizational and operational to make the best of assets portfolio of a company or group delivering maximum added value   

gestionIn this given context, asset management :

  • Structure the industrial strategy
  • Combine all initiatives from different levers which contribute to industrial competitiveness
  • Stimulates the industrial excellence through a constant seek for performance in all companies    departments

What are the adequate answers to industrial challenge throughout asset life cycle ?


Asset management efficiency brings 5 major benefits

  1. cycle4Assess maturity level of assets,
    Over a comprehensive range of drivers pertaining to organizational structure, technical expertise, economics, and industrial performance
  2. Assess in-house value of World Class industrial practices, and define improvement projects / axis
    Which allow year after year to improve the results and maintain a constructive dynamic either on a short term than a long term based (beyond 5 years)
  3. Define road map to improve asset management performance, now and in the future
    Through investments or externalization strategy, equipment's reliability, skills development, operations productivity (production and maintenance), overhead organization, risk management, …
  4. Facilitate a new dialogue between operations, finance et general management
    Sharing targets, accepting reciprocity in constraints, …
  5. Reinforce reliability of information and data
    Fine tune the TCO, clarify OPEX and CAPEX spending allocation of the plant, BU and at corporate level, improve CMMS efficiency

A profitability and growth vector for industry