Your agenda : 

 You would like your managers to be as good in their managerial role as they can be in their technical role

Your teams are marked by a wait-and-see attitude, and no longer take any initiatives, or very few,

The messages relayed to the operating staff do not reflect your company strategy

You feel a lag when it comes to understanding the challenges in the managerial line

Your age pyramid raises some strategic questions for the coming 5 years (renewal, loss of key skills…)

The traditional training policy is no longer effective

You need a leader to set the example and facilitate acceptance

Our response elements :

Our team advises and accompanies the general, industrial and operating managements of groups in France and internationally in
...development of managerial skills, coordinating teams in the field, and leadership training.

Our objective is to identify, together, your precise need, to install a specific, dedicated and balanced program for upgrading specific
...skills (blended, 2.0, training, learning network, …) so as to deal with your short-term challenges without destabilising your organisation
The key stake is concentrated on the success of the change management process, it will ensure the sustainability of the new organization after the project ending.