The human dimension :

  People’s place in the business is the strong link of a transformation
•  Obtaining results entails successful change management process
  Performance management is defined, implemented and sustained by the teams

Listening :
  Taking cultural diversities into account
  The ability to adapt to any kind of situation

Creativity :
  Innovative approaches paired with resistant, proven and tested methods
  Constant intellectual curiosity making it possible to upgrade models without resting on one’s laurels..acquis


The search for balance :
  The ability to position oneself in the present while relying on the past and targeting the future
  The organisation’s agility in the face of market cycles
  Participation by the financial and industrial sectors relying on the key support functions


  An experienced, competent and multidisciplinary team
  A clearly defined core business and an ability to call on specific and experienced partners
  An ability to take account of the specific cultural features both in understanding the stakes involved and in connection with operational implementation
  Great flexibility in coping with client constraints
  An ability to project itself in any part of the world

  Projects driven by concrete and shared quantitative and qualitative results